Sensa E-Learning


In today's business environment, organizations that succeed are the ones that are adaptive, responsive, and above all, smart. We like to think TMF is a leader in designing technology that real people in the every day world can use. That’s why we created Sensa, an e-Learning tool that delivers training materials and curriculum on-line and conforms to each student’s particular situation. Sensa provides a learning environment that allows people to work at their own pace, in a setting that is conducive to progressive learning.

How does Sensa e-Learning differentiate itself?

  • By providing clients an in-house, Turn-Key solution without need for hardware, software or internal IT support
  • Allows non-technical individuals (subject matter experts) to develop rich multi-media content
  • Gives clients the ability to enhance prexisting training content
  • Sensa courses can be delivered online or exported to a CD
  • Application flexibility allows integration with exisitng systems
  • Clients have access to TMF's professional narration, animation, graphics and video production personnel


We understand the power and possibilities of the Internet and position our resources to create useful products and services that compliment trends in learning with technology. Think of e-Learning as a vehicle that distributes information and is available to anybody with an Internet connection. Think of Sensa as an engine that powers the vehicle and can be “driven” by anyone, not just the gurus in the IT department. Instructors everywhere now have the means to develop interactive courses themselves and deliver to targeted audiences… and in a format that is easy to use complete with narration, text, images, video and total testing and reporting capabilities.

Sensa Makes Sense

Using the Sensa system to administer and deliver online training material makes financial sense, too. Online instruction costs much less than traditional classroom-based training. You’ll save time and money by reducing or eliminating travel costs, appointments and schedules, and increase productivity as well. And with Sensa, there is no limit to the number of students that can take a course.

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