The Media Factory Inc. (TMF) has been creating Web based solutions since 1996. Today, TMF offers products and services in three main areas; custom Web application development, Sensa e-Learning™ and PACE continuing education. 

  • TMF creates custom Web-based applications to put the Web to work for clients
  • Sensa e-Learning™ allows non-technical people to build online training courses themselves
  • With PACE continuing education you can fulfill your mandatory requirements by viewing the courses and listening to the instructors as if you were sitting in the classroom 

Success in business is achieved through a variety of components that are all ultimately, people-driven. Because we aren’t a large corporation, we’re able to work together as a team and truly enjoy doing so. Our client base knows we have skills that go well beyond getting the technology right. People like working with us. We know what we’re doing, we do what is required to meet your needs, we’ll be there for you after the contract is signed and the job finished… we value each and every client’s business.

Our corporate philosophy is “Once a client, a client for life.” And we mean it.



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